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I write here and there but music is a passion. 15. 160 days strong. I do accept most prompts. If I am not comfortable with it I won't write it.. I mostly write Daya and Dantana, I've only written Dennel once and plan on keeping it that way. If I get a prompt that I'm not writing then I'll send to someone I know will write it and write it well. Thank you :)

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I should go to bed, but I can’t. I’ll watch the sun rise instead.

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when ya friend jim getting a lil antsy


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House phone: *rings*
Me: nah


Reblog this if you’re on tumblr, because you ran out of energy on the Kim Kardashian game.


#YesAllWomen because Rihanna can make a song about enjoying sex and sing about the way she likes it, and it gets banned in 11 countries, while Robin Thicke can completely diminish the line of consent and objectify women in the process in a song and it is a ‘smash hit’ and gets to number one in multiple countries.

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trying on new jeans in the fitting roomimage

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that fufu lame shit, i aint with it

i’ll send some shots at yo fitted


swag bitch

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purplekeyboard it’s not funny lol

Haha, yes it isss.

So mean lol.